Audrey Biotoni's car breaks down so she fucks the help

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Duration: 19min 02sec Views: 764 Submitted: 5 months ago
By: Kendall2
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Distressed Audrey Biotoni has her car break down and she is stuck with no phone to make a call. So she knocks on a door at the nearby house. Randy Spears opens up and Audrey asks if she can borrow his phone. Soaked in the rain her big tits are visible underneath her shirt and Audrey Biotoni is shaking because of the cold so Randy lets her in.

He makes her a coffee and lets her dry her shirt. She takes it off and Randy sees her giant tits. The tits makes him horny and Randy makes his approach and starts licking them. Audrey begs of him to put his big dick between her tits which he does gladly.

After some titty fucking Audrey Biotoni sucks his big dick and in return gets her nicely shaven pussy licked. This makes her horny and she spreads her legs asking Randy to fuck her.

Audrey gets fucked in doggystyle which makes Randy cum so Audrey quickly drops on her knees and takes a big load of cum on her big tits.
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