Audrey Bintoni Sucks and Fucks Non-stop

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Gorgeous and busty Audrey Bintoni excels in this POV style video that is truly a sight to behold. This lady sure knows how to work the cam! It begins with her wading in a pool outdoors, showing off her charms in a golden swimsuit. She poses seductively and talks dirty to her partner as he takes tight shots of her shapely ass, boobs, and beautiful face. He then brings out his huge cock as Audrey wades closer to the poolside to give him a blowjob. She spits on his cock, jerks it off with two hands, then licks and deepthroats it, much to the delight of her partner.

Audrey Bintoni gets out of the pool and stands up to let the guy squeeze her boobs before jerking him off some more. Looking over her shoulder, she leads him into the house as he continues to take tight shots of her ass. Once inside, she carries on giving him a blowjob as he lies on his back. Audrey does a very seductive POV action, keeping eye contact with the camera as she goes to town sucking and licking his balls, and lubricating it with her saliva. She leans back to expose her pretty shaved pussy before shoving the cock inside it, then rides it up and down hard. The guy has to pull out because he almost cums right away! He asks Audrey Bintoni to slow down, and she apologizes for turning him on too much.

He inserts two fingers in her pussy before she gets his cock in to fuck him again. He tells her to slow down so he can get tight shots of his big dick inside her pussy. She leans forward to suck his cock some more before inserting it in her cleavage for a tit fuck. She stands up to remove her swimsuit, caressing her body some more to tease him. Audrey plays with her boobs and ass before leaning over the couch for some hard doggy-style fucking. She keeps looking over her shoulder at her partner as she spreads her asscheeks for the cam. Her partner slaps her ass, prompting Audrey Bintoni to say how much she loves being spanked. There are more zoomed-in shots of his cock going in and out of her tight pussy, and he sometimes pulls it out to tease her. She fingers her own pussy before he rams it again with his cock.

He stands up and asks Audrey to crawl towards his cock, and when she reaches him she jerks it off with two hands while she sucks on his balls and dick. She turns around to pour lube all over her buttcheeks and pussy, fingering herself and twerking for the cam before riding his cock reverse cowgirl style. He spanks her some more and her butt turns red. She gives another blowjob and tit fuck before he gets up and has Audrey Bintoni crawling on the floor after him for the cumshot. He jerks off his cock over her face as she has her mouth open and tongue out. He shoots his cum inside her mouth and some get on her face. Audrey spits on the cock some more before sucking and licking it, looking over her shoulder as she crawls away, with the cam still on her well fucked pussy.
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