Ash Hollywood and Arial Rose Cum Together in Lesbian 69

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Duration: 10min 28sec Views: 618 Submitted: 5 months ago
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Blonde masseuse Ash Hollywood convinces shy new client Arial Rose that despite being naked for the all girl massage, everything will be private and that she’ll be covered by a towel. Reassured, Arial strips off and lies face down on the massage table. The girls talk about how work is making Arial stressed out and Ash compliments her client on how cute and young she is while she massages the kinks out of her back.

Totally relaxed and comfortable in Ash’s company, Arial is then flipped over on her back and allows herself to some extra service from her masseuse, who proceeds to massage her clit with her thumb. Ash then provides some lip service by going down on Arial and getting naked as well. The gals then indulge in hot, wet lesbian 69 on the massage table. Arial decides to give the best tip ever for a girl massage by making Ash cum.
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