Allie Haze waits 6 months to fuck Johnny Castle for

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Johnny Castle silently says goodbye to his sleeping partner, Allie Haze as he prepares to leave on a 6-month business trip. When she wakes up she finds a note from him saying that time will pass quickly and that she should wait for him.

Time skip to six months after, and Johnny returns to Allie with a rose and some long-awaited sex. The couple head on over to bed where Johnny can’t wait to have a taste of Allie, pulling down her panties and diving right down into her trimmed pussy. She, in return shows her hunger for Johnny’s cock with some erotically charged sucking first before riding him vigorously down to the balls.

They roll around in bed where Johnny now takes control in a bout of missionary while Allie rubs her clit to bring herself to an eye-rolling orgasm. She turns to her side and Johnny takes her semi-doggy style for his turn at cumming. While they clasp hands, Johnny pistons hard into her tight pussy until he pulls out and spurts his thick cum onto her ass. They end their quick bout of lovemaking with a passionate, ravenous kiss.
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