Aaliyah Love Gets Tipped With a Hot Lesbian Orgasm!

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Blonde masseuse Aaliyah Love starts off by asking fellow blonde Cherie Deville what areas of her body she wants massaged since she’s a new client. Cherie strips off and doesn’t use a towel. Aaliyah is taken aback by her new client’s boldness, who replies she’s always been naked with the other masseuses and since she’s always had good experiences before, she expects Aaliyah to be the same.

Aaliyah keeps asking what Cherie prefers, apologizing for not reading her client forms. She works on Cherie’s legs and compliments on how muscular they are and that because she’s a runner, she prefers to have her butt worked over as soon as possible. Aaliyah again apologizes when Cherie comments that she talks too much.

Very soon, all talk devolves into all action as Aaliyah gets a massage of her own courtesy of Cherie’s tongue, who gets her shaved pussy all wet and swollen until she cums loudly. As the two blondes kiss and cuddle, Aaliyah now understands why Cherie didn’t like her massage at the beginning and tells her new favorite client that this girl’s massage is on the house.
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