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Duration: 45min 18sec Views: 12 508 Submitted: 5 months ago
By: stickystu
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How do you like your anal creampie? This 45 minute compilation shows that there is more than one way to film an anal creampie. Sure, there are rosesbuds here but there’s more to see. The show begins with a threeway. One girl is getting plugged in the ass and one girl is positioned strategically just under her ass. The dude cums and he pulls out his big cock. Semen comes streaming out of the girl’s butthole and the girl under her, with her mouth open, eagerly swallows the spooge dripping out of her butt. It’s kinky. It’s dirty. It sets the tone for the rest of the montage.

As the video progresses, the collection of scenes steadily up the ante. 7 minutes into the clip and it gets dirtier. In another threeway clip, Girl #1 gets her ass pounded and Girl #2 forces her tongue into her butthole, then like sucking jelly out of a donut, she licks and laps up all the semen streaming out it.

Several more clips follow and the array of pornstars, amateur chicks, get more depraved. At the 30 minute mark, the scenes taken from Cum Farters make this clip an instant standout. With their creamfilled asses, the girls finger their holes to get the spooge to spill out. The camera zooms in and in these close-up shots, capture the cum blowing out of their poopchutes complete with farting sounds. One of the Cum Fart girls spurted about two or three bursts of gas and cum. Then another gushed a lengthy (and almost non-stop) fart and cum stream that lasted for about 3 seconds. Debauched, kinky, and smutty. This anal creampie collection has it all.
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