Did You Know? 16 Movies Where The Sex Scenes Were Real hollywood, sex scene

16 Movies Where The Sex Scenes Were Real

One of the craziest professions in the world is being an actor. If you ask me why this is, the answer is simple. Actors are required to do some “insane” things for the sake of the movie. While others may say that it is all about creative art, is having sex on set really necessary? To make the scene more real or believable, directors ask for their actors to “DO it” and have intercourse. It’s not pornography since the movie is a mainstream film, but it makes you think, right?

Some actors do it and some just don’t. Who are these professionals who went the extra mile? Anyway, here are 16 movies where the sex scenes were real, true and at times, orgasmic.


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Did You Know? 20 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Boob Job boobjob, breast augmentation, plastic surgery

20 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Boob Job

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that as of 2016, people have spent $16B in cosmetic plastic surgery. All in all, there were 1,780,987 cosmetic surgical procedures done and 290,467 of that were centered on breast augmentation. It is the number 1 procedure that women and transgenders ask for from their plastic surgeons. In fact, there was an increase of 4% from 2015 to 2015 and the number is not slowing down anytime soon.

Is it really that easy and convenient to opt for a breast augmentation procedure? A certified plastic surgeon from New York named Adam R. Kolker, M.D, whose forte is on breast enhancements, provides his expert opinion about this cosmetic surgical procedure. Here are 21 things you should know before getting a boob job.


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Did You Know? 15 Facts That Might Change The Way You Look at Nina Hartley Pornstar

15 Facts That Might Change The Way You Look at Nina Hartley

You’ve missed 50% of your porn life if you don’t know about Nina Hartley. You know, Nina Hartley? The exact definition of MILF – she is strong, she is so fine and she is oozing with sex appeal at her age! No wonder she is often paired with men younger than her age (like 20 years younger!) and the guys seem to be so engrossed on pleasuring her! But, what is there to know about Nina Hartley? She is one of the few porn actresses that are still making films who is more than 50 years old. But what else is there to know about this beautiful creature?


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Did You Know? Sex Psychology Most Promiscuous Countries In The World Sex Partners, Sexual Fantasies

Most Promiscuous Countries In The World

While some countries are prim and proper with their ways, modest and strict at all times, there are some countries who don’t mind to blow off some steam by having sex in public – and with a stranger! While that is a sexual fantasy for some people, it is a courageous deed, really. Having sex with a person you just met and know for less than 24 hours is both thrilling and dangerous. And if you do the dirty in a public place like the back alley, a park or on the beach – this is just hot!

By the way, some people in these countries are promiscuous. If you are one yourself but your home is not as “welcoming”, then, I suggest you visit these countries for some “action”.


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Did You Know? 15 Things You Need To Know About Briana Banks Pornstar

15 Things You Need To Know About Briana Banks

She was once a 20-something sex kitten with an amazing body and sexual personality. Until now, she never fails to get guys hard as a rock with her MILF-like ways and features. And who is this I’m talking about? It’s the one and only, multi-awarded adult movie actress Briana Banks. Briana Banks was one of the most sought after porn stars back in the early 2000’s. But this phenomenal porn star is a regular person in real life and a sister who has a heart of gold.

So, what’s up with Briana Banks? What don’t we know about this blonde bombshell?


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Did You Know? 15 Things Fans Of Traci Lords Should Know About Pornstar

15 Things Fans Of Traci Lords Should Know About

We all know Traci Lords as the rebellious teen named Wanda in Cry-Baby, starring opposite Johnny Depp and Ricki Lake or Rikki Abbott of Melrose Place. But, what else do we know about Traci Lords? You may have heard about her 2-year stint as the Princess of Porn in the eighties but what was so special about it? Well, Traci is extraordinary, to say the least, and you’ll find out more right here, right now.


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Did You Know? 15 Things Fans of Tera Patrick Should Know

15 Things Fans of Tera Patrick Should Know

When you hear the name “Tera Patrick”, how do you really feel? You start to get goose bumps and the “big” man “down there” starts to be naughty, huh? Oh well, who wouldn’t be aroused with a luscious and sensual Goddess like Tera Patrick? She is… perfect!

Beautiful… Her Asian-European lineage is responsible for that exotic being that she is. Tera is nothing short of a brown ethereal creature that stuns you in every way. Her eyes say it all! The pair are just so captivating and mysterious which is why Tera Patrick is a Queen in her birthday suit.

Are you ready to know 15 things about Tera Patrick? If you are, then, get some popcorn, brace yourself and start reading these important facts about the black-haired Thai-English-Dutch-American lioness (in bed!).


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Did You Know? 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Asia Carrera Pornstar

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Asia Carrera

Who is Asia Carrera? She was popular back in the ‘90s and early 2000’s and she also managed to stay off the camera radar after her retirement. Retirement from what kind of business, exactly? Are you kidding me? Well, if you must know, Asia Carrera or in real life, Jessica Steinhauser, is a German-Japanese hottie who used to be one of the porn industry’s leading female actors. Yes, she was oozing with sex appeal and an Award-winning porn star, to say it bluntly.

And because she has been away from the camera for a long time, let me indulge to you a few things about this exquisite brain and beauty…


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Sex Psychology 10 Unusual Fetishes and Their Psychology Fetishes, Sexual Fantasies, Weird, WTF

10 Unusual Fetishes and Their Psychology

To spice things up in the bedroom, couples indulge in their little “harmless” fantasies. There’s the usual brief lusting, talking dirty to each other, the smelling of armpits, biting your mate and a few other things. Like I said, it is considered normal.

There are other sexual fantasies that involve electric stimulation, furry fandom, klismaphilia or the release of fluids inside the rectum, or infantilism, a sex role-playing type of behavior by adults exhibiting childlike actions. It may sound a bit off, but yes, sex experts say that acts like these in the bedroom are common.

Now, there are also some fetishes that are a bit taboo like toe amputation or male pregnancy. Who would like to take their toe off just to get some kind of sexual release? And don’t get me started on male pregnancy. It’s very unnatural and over the top and yet, a few people like to do it. If you think that these are shocking and all, wait ‘til you learn what else people do just for the sake of the big “O”.

It is important to understand what the term “paraphilia” really means. Paraphilia is a type of sexual action that induces arousal between people if they enact certain sexual fantasies or sexual behavior that is not exactly normal. It is not the dictionary definition but you understand how it was put, right?

But as the saying goes – To each, his own – I am not here to mock those who practice paraphilia. I just want to explain the “what’s, why’s and how’s” on the matter. Why is it so appealing to some people?

Let’s all look at this in a learning perspective and quit the side comments. Some people do this, period. They don’t talk about the way you pleasure your partner, right? So, let’s just get on with it.

Just a heads up. Some of these fetishes are not even coital, in nature. There are also links in each fetish that is SAFE-FOR-WORK and is for learning purposes. If ever there will be a NSFW, it will be stated beforehand.


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Did You Know? 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Ron Jeremy Pornstar

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy Hyatt or simply known in the porn world as THE HEDGEHOG, “Ron Jeremy”, is that sexy, curly and long haired adult film actor back in the seventies who also happens to be NUMBER 1 in the “50 Top Porn Stars of All Time” list released by AVN or the Adult Video News – the Oscar Awards for porno films.

He was born on March 12, 1953 which makes Ron sixty four years old at this time. Yes, he is a senior citizen and this rock star doesn’t want to be called “ex-pornstar”. In fact, he is very much proud to say that up to this day, his 64-year-old stature is still in the biz. It may be acting in front of the camera or seating on the director’s chair, Ron is not yet ready to call the porn world quits.

Anyway, he wouldn’t be NUMBER 1 in AVN’s list for nothing. Who is Ron Jeremy? To get to know THE HEDGEHOG better, there are 15 Things About Ron Jeremy that you may not know about.


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