Two teen girlfriends try anal with sex toys

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Two sexy teen babes trying anal for the first time with some sex toys. We see these two hot babes on the sofa talking about anal sex. One of the girl says she would like to practice a little bit before she lets her boyfriend fuck her in the ass. So her idea is that she could practice a little bit with her best friend. The best friend is afraid that someone could catch them but the other girl tells her that she doesn't have to worry as her parents won't be at home anytime soon.

They would have the whole afternoon to practice anal sex. She really wants to learn how to do anal sex properly and after a short chat she is able to convince her friend to help her practice. In the next scene we see both girls half naked and only wearing their panties. The girlfriend is removing the panties to get a nice view of her friends ass who needs some anal training. She starts licking her friends ass and is giving her a rimjob. Her friend moans in pleasure and we can tell that she will really love anal sex.

The friend starts fucking the girl's ass with her finger to give her a first feel. Later she pulls out a sex toy and starts fucking the ass with the dildo. We can tell that both girls will love anal sex with their boyfriends later that day.
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