Lucie Wilde Anal Sex

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Here we have one of the first Lucie wilde anal sex videos. She's also know under her stage name busty Buffy and this scene was shot for her official site.

The scene begins with the guy playing with Lucie wilde's amazingly huge tits. She is clearly enjoying the massage and you can hear her moan in pleasure. In the next scene she bends over on the coach so he can get a taste of her juicy teen pussy. After a short while of pussy licking she returns the favor and starts sucking his dick. She's wearing nothing but her black heels and she is looking simply stunning.

After some oral sex she bends over for some more action. So he places his cock on her pussy and starts pounding her on the coach. We can see her big and beautiful tits bouncing up and down while he is fucking her from behind. After a short while of pussy pounding it was time for her ass to get a good pounding. He switches holes and starts fucking her in the ass. You can see that Lucie wild enjoys a good ass fuck and she is moaning in pleasure while her tits bounce up and down
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