Kianna Dior & Jonni Darkko POV

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Duration: 56min 07sec Views: 741 Submitted: 2 months ago
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Kianna Dior has huge tits. Like I mean REALLY big fucking tits and shows them off in the desert where she is with Jonni Darkko. She promises Jonni that she can make him cum fast. Kianna wastes no time and pulls out Jonni’s stiff cock and starts sucking it POV style.

The cock is too big for Kianna’s tiny Asian mouth so she gags on his dick. This doesn’t deter Kianna so she just adds some more natural lubricant… that is spit to Jonni’s dick and then gags and blows away.

The video then switches to Kianna laying inside with blonde hair and masturbating with a big toy on a couch when Jonni takes hold of the time and starts playing with her pussy. Kianna then sucks Jonni’s cock once more with lots of spit.
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