Kendra Sunderland cuckolds her boyfriend for blacked

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Kendra Sunderland getting blacked in this interracial cuckold sex scene. Kendra has been with Eli for over a year now and their sex life has been amazing. One day he confessed to her that It would turn him on if she would fuck a black guy! She was a bit confused but the thought turned her on as well. One night she was jerking him off in bed telling him about how we would fuck another guys big black dick. He came hard and they decided to make his fantasy a reality.

They were just having a photoshoot at their house with the black model Jason brown. Eli said he would have to go to town to check run some errands so Kendra and Jason would be alone at the house. Eli just went around the house and sent Kendra a text message which confirmed that he would love to watch them fuck. Kendra didn't waste much time and started kissing Jason passionately on the sofa. All while Eli was watching from the garden.

Kendra started to suck Jason's big black dick. It was her first interracial sex experience but she handled that big dick quite well. After a short time Jason started to lick her pussy and then started to fuck her in the living room. Eli was outside snapping some pictures of the hot blacked cuckold session. He was especially turned on when Jason shot his huge load all over Kendra's face.
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