French livecam couple 40 minute fuck session

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Duration: 38min 42sec Views: 220 Submitted: 1 month ago
By: dannyAMA
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This recording is from a livecam webshow. The video starts with the girl already sucking the guys cock. She then stops to go to the keyword to type. She then goes back to the hard cock and deepthroats the dick talking to the camera awaiting instructions. Guy then throatfucks her.

Guy on the other end of the liveshow then tells the couple to fuck which they do. After a few minutes of fucking he tells them to get ready for anal and the boyfriend then fucks his girlfriend in the ass. The guy then ploughs his girlfriends ass in several positions before they stop.

The bf is then instructed to lick her toes and pussy which he does. After this the couple resumes fucking but the video slows down action wise and there is a lot of back and forth chat and some fucking but the main action is over.
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