Cherry Mirage in Coed Tutor Fuck Session

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Duration: 19min 23sec Views: 120 Submitted: 1 month ago
By: KalKob
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Watch pretty redhead Cherry Mirage as a naughty coed tutor who wants to educate a European exchange student on how to speak (or fuck) properly in English. The scene opens with Cherry in a schoolgirl outfit: a white blouse, red plaid mini skirt, red high heels, and glasses, seducing a foreign exchange student. She starts undressing him by teaching him how to pronounce parts of his clothes, then parts of their body (“boobs, “penis, “butt”) as he caresses her. She unzips his pants, takes out his penis, and gives him a blowjob.

She takes off her clothes as she continues to suck him off. It seems that Cherry Mirage in coed tutor mode really knows how to give oral lessons! Her student asks her to wrap her boobs around his dick, and as he fucks her tits, Cherry is still giving him a blowjob. She turns around so he can lick and finger her pussy from behind. He fucks her hard doggy-style, and they roll on to the floor with Cherry on top, riding him in reverse cowgirl. They switch positions so that they are fucking on their sides. Cherry spreads her legs open for more banging on the carpet. He cums in her mouth, and Cherry Mirage ends the language lesson by licking his cock clean.
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